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best weight loss products before and after photo testimonals


We are our choices, I’ve never dieted just cut back & made better choices which has been easy,using the Optimum Coffee.

Mostly using just 1 cup of Optimum coffee but I have had a second cup on the odd occasion.

easy diet before and after photos


You can certainly see the difference with Becky’s photos, Optimum Coffee strikes again!

One cup a day of Optimum dark roast and I’m loooooving it!

best weight loss products before and after photo testimonals


“I haven’t changed anything in my diet, I haven’t worked out, I haven’t been eating healthier or anything like that, I have just been drinking this coffee!” I’m happier, it’s a mood swinger, it’s seriously amazing this stuff in a bottle. It is hard to lose that baby fat, that stuff that you gain, I have a 3 year old but this is a miracle in a container, it has saved and helped my life, my marriage, my confidence…” “This is very hard to post but I’m super proud of my hard consistent work on becoming a healthier person!

easy diet before and after photos


Loving the results of SLIM ROAST products, not only are my pants sagging lol but my face has slimmed up and I love who I see in the mirror 🙂 I even feel younger and more energetic .

best weight loss products before and after photo testimonals

This time last year I was 198 pounds. I was trying to gain 2 pounds because I thought if I saw 200 on the scale it would motivate me to try, yet again, to lose weight. Why did I think gaining weight would help me lose weight.

I was pre-diabetic, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My triglycerides were 632(they are suppose to be around 100 or less).

Thank you for not giving up on my stubborn resistance to trying the healthy slimming coffee. I absolutely didn’t think it would work. But I was wrong. Thank you for sharing these products, they have changed my life and I have never felt better.

easy diet before and after photos

My personal results in 4 months 🙂

I tried 2 week trial and I lost 2.3 kg, in that moment I realised how incredible coffee is! After that I went back to girl where I bought it and asked how can I join this business?!

My excitement level was over the moon, I’ve been struggling with my weight all my life. I’ve tried different weight management products, but none of them helped me. TILL THIS! 

I was size 14 and now I’m able to put size 8 clothes on what I never could do before! I’m almost 10 kg down by this moment.

Can’t even describe how much I love to help people who need same help as I did!

weight loss drinks reviews before and after photos
Mina shares her & Husband’s Journey with these fantastic products.

My husband and I started taking Slimroast coffee last December 2015. We love the result so much, although my husband is sufferring from Hypertension, Diabetes and heart failure. He’s a coffee lover, He didn’t feel any palpitation. We feel so alive and energetic with Valentus Beverages. Thank you we’ve met you VALENTUS.

valentus reviews

Leoni is from the United Kingdom & she loves our Great Products!

Hey everyone. Not posted in here for ages. But I was just looking through pictures. I can’t believe I’ve lost over 20lb since August!! I feel totally amazing. And it isn’t just the weightloss. I feel fitter and healthier then I ever have before. My hair feels healthier, my skin is clear. I have PCOS since I was 14 and so many of my symptoms have cleared up. I’m back in sizes I wore when I was 19. And after having 3 children and 3 C sections I never dreamed that it would ever be possible again.

valentus trim testimonial


Ok after lots and lots of encouragement and everyone telling me to POST IT,POST IT. I️ have decided to POST IT. This is what the Valentus products (slimroast, trim,immune and MAX ) have done for me. I️ have lost 19 lbs and many,many inches. I️ started with Valentus as a business and products on 7/15/17 was best decision of my life!!!! They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, I would not have believed it until my sister in law sent me this pic on the left of our vacation in Florida on 8/18/17 I️ really thought I️ looked good lol. Right is 10/30/17 I️ feel amazing I️ feel 20 again. I️ have more energy and balance of my life. Theses products are AMAZING

weight loss drinks reviews

Lisa Shares her Journey With Valentus

So I’d like to share my own success story since I started drinking one cup of valentus coffee a day. I started my journey May 24, 2017 and since then I have dropped 10 lbs and alot of inches and one size by only drinking coffee in the morning. I never measured myself and now I wish I did. My picture on the left is from April 4, 2017 and the picture on the right is from today October 3, 2017 5 months in and I’m feeling great about myself.

valentus diet reviews

Rhonda J.

This is how Slimroast worked for me. It took me a while to find a “before” pic because I didn’t like having my photo taken! I’m ok with it now 😉

  • 25 lbs down
  • 12+ inches gone
  • Loads of energy
  • I feel better than I have in YEARS
natural weight loss drinks reviews


I am not usually so public with my success as I haven’t reached my final goal. But here goes nothing. I started my Valentus journey about a year and half ago. Right after I started the products I got into a bad car accident which I am still recovering from. I am not active at all really. And these products have done me wonders. I am taking starter pack, which I went back to taking Italian roast as soon as it came back out as I didn’t find much success with the Brazilian roast so that set behind some. I also wasn’t one hundred percent faithful for a couple months. I feel better and have more energy even with being put down by injuries. I have taken the break through on my second round now. 

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